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Gorillaz - We Are The Dury - Interview CD
Label: Parlophone ‎– 07243 474873 2 3
Type: CD, Promo
Country: UK
Date of released: Apr 2005
Category: Non-Music
Style: Interview
Genre: Children's
Musician: Gorillaz
Album's name: We Are The Dury - Interview CD
Album's size: 596

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1 Untitled 0:08
2 So, where have you been and what have you been up to? 6:59
3 2D, what did you do in your time off? 0:31
4 You recorded most of the album in your own Kong studios. How did you first find this building? 2:12
5 Your website,, gives your online audience access to Kong Studios. Tell us about thing thinking behind this. 1:49
6 OK, Murdoc, you've had your ciggy and you've got your beer. Let's get down to it and talk through the new album. How long did Demon Days take to record? 5:43
7 Let's now go through the album track by track. First up, suitably enough, Intro. 0:51
8 Track 2 is Last Living Souls. Russel? 1:14
9 Next up, Kids With Guns. A slower track, yes? 1:38
10 Track 4, O Green World. Noodle, talk us through that one, please... 1:35
11 Let's talk about the collaboration with DJ Danger Mouse. Was he involved on the next track, Dirty Harry? 2:39
12 Next is the first single, Feel Good Inc. 1:59
13 El Mañana is next, Spanish for 'tomorrow', I believe. 0:51
14 Next track is Every Planet We Reach Is Dead. Sounds a bit sinister... 1:10
15 OK, November Has Come. Russel, can you start us off on this one? 0:46
16 All Alone follows, Track 10 on the new Gorillaz CD Demon Days. 1:34
17 Next up, White Light. 1:39
18 There's an interesting story about how the next track, DARE, got its title... 1:59
19 Noodle, tell us about Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. 2:15
20 Back to you, Russel, for Don't Get Lost In Heaven. 0:40
21 Now, the title track, Demon Days. Noodle? 2:09
22 OK, those are the tracks covered. How would you say this new record differs from the first Gorillaz' album, Russel? 3:47
23 Who chose the first single? 0:31
24 There are a number of guest collaborations on the album. How did they come about? 1:52
25 Are you going to tour this album? 1:51
26 Did you ever feel that the first album would be as successful as it actually was? 1:04
27 But why, do you think, it was so successful? 2:21
28 When did you know that you had really arrived as celebrities? 2:25
29 Have you, finally, learned anything from your experience? 0:31


  • Producer, Edited By – Cass Browne, Kevin McCabe, Tony Hale


Sleeve notes: "The following 29 audio cuts were recorded by Gorillaz in London in February 2005, prior to the release of the new CD, Demon Days. As usual, the ins and outs and durations are given, to help you make up your feature or programme. Where a specific track is referred to, the title is given at the end of the audio."